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Moving? Top 10 Redecoration Ideas for Your New House

When moving to a new home in Knoxville –or anywhere for that matter– it is very common to have a desire for fresh new things and surroundings. For this reason, and also for the sake of putting your own personal touch on your new pad, you may have an itch to do some remodeling or redecorating to your home. Projects to spruce up your house and give it a fresh and unique look are great, so here are ten easy ideas to get you in the mood to decorate if you’re planning to move soon!

  • Paint one wall.
    Accent walls are great, and it is so easy –not to mention cheap– to pick a good color and a fitting wall to make a bold statement in your home. Red is a great color for an accent wall, but you really can’t go wrong here so take this chance to be creative! Painting just one wall in your home is hardly a time consuming project, so you’ll have plenty of time and energy to devote to a couple more easy home improvements!
  • Paint only the door frames crown molding and baseboards.
    Another easy-yet-bold statement that you can make while making-over your new home is to paint the “boundary lines” in the room of your choice. It is such a simple idea, yet painting the door frame ceiling and base boards gives beautiful contrast to a room and will surely impress guests that will soon be jealous of your new home. Just remember the importance of precision when painting; tape is your best friend!
  • Mount a large mirror.
    Hanging a huge mirror on the wall is easy, and adds not just beauty and elegance to your home, but also the illusion of extra space to make your house feel extra roomy. Mirrors of large size can definitely get pricey, but you would be surprised how inexpensive your mirror hunt can be if you make a day out of mirror-shopping at second hand stores. You may even find more than what you were looking for, and find yourself able to easily afford a splurge.
  • Add a touch of nature.
    Indoor plants are a great addition to any home, both for aesthetics and health purposes. Plants have been known to improve the air quality inside of homes and offices, and also to boost mental vitality. After all, plants are a huge component of what makes the great out doors so great; why not make your indoors great too?
  • Install custom door and drawer knobs.
    The less-is-more concept is great for redecoration projects. Great because it is such a true statement, and also because less is easier too! There is almost no effort required to unscrew the boring drawer and cabinet knobs in your kitchen or bathroom, and replace them with the new knobs of your choice. There are an innumerable amount of styles available so you are sure to find new knobs that you’ll love, and that’s what putting your own mark on the new house is all about!
  • Replace your switch plates.
    The switch plates that border your electrical outlets and light switches are likely a standard beige plastic bore. There are plenty of styles of switch plates that can really compliment the rest of your homes motif, and making a project out of replacing the current plates is very easy. You may want to do this project during the day so that you can cut the circuit breaker off for safety.
  • Acquire a new area rug.
    Area rugs are great for anchoring furniture and really pulling a room together. This idea is such an easy one that the searching process is definitely more of a project than setting the rug in your home.
  • Install decorative ceiling tiles.
    Upping the difficulty just a tad, but for a good cause! Decorative ceiling tiles can add so much beauty to your new home. Even if your home is brand new, you can give it a classic warm feel by picking out good looking ceiling tiles to mount above your head. You may even find that when you gaze upward during moments of deep contemplation, that your thoughts come to you much quicker with the help of the inspiring tiles above you.
  • Snap an updated photo of the family.
    Moving to a new home often means that your family is on to new and better things! Why not commemorate the newness with an updated family portrait? Pictures capture happy memories well, and if you’re moving to a new beautiful home these will soon be memories that you’ll be glad you captured in portrait form.
  • Start a photo gallery of previous homes.
    Even if you are moving to a much nicer house and neighborhood, there will always be happy memories about the places you lived before. Take one last picture of your soon-to-be old home if you haven’t already had your moving day, and frame it proudly. If you and your family move more often than the average person, this gallery of past homes can quickly grow and become one of the most interesting conversation pieces in each new home to come!

Moving can be a chore, but regardless of the stress involved, moving is also and exciting time as well; so focus on the most fun parts of moving, and take some of these redecoration projects into consideration for making your next new house into a home. Happy moving!

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