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Moving to Knoxville: Unpacking after the Move

Congratulations, you officially completed the move into your new home in Knoxville! Now it’s time to unpack all your belongings and turn your house into a home. This process can seem tiring and unpleasant, especially after what you went through during the packing phase, however there are lots of tips you can follow to ensure an efficient unpacking process. Our Knoxville Movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help guide your unpacking efforts so you can quickly start to enjoy your new home.

Prioritize your Tasks

When you start to unpack, you want to prioritize by opening the most important boxes that you will need access to right away. Take it one box at a time, you don’t need to have every box open at once. This will only cause chaos and clutter in your home. Moving to Knoxville can mean cold winter weather, however if you make your move during the summertime those boxes will have low priority and can be opened last.

Delegate Responsibilities to the entire Family

By getting everyone in your household involved in the unpacking process, you will increase efficiency and start to see quick results. Your kids should take responsibility for unpacking their personal boxes and you can assign them other boxes once they are finished tackling the important tasks. Unpacking is a family activity and it was not meant to be handled by just one person. Delegate certain rooms in your house to your family members to work on. Ultimately, you can make the unpacking process fun and enjoyable with a positive attitude and an up-beat playlist.


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