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If you are relocating your family to Knoxville, you want to have the proper packing supplies ready to go for your big move. You can find packing products that don’t break the bank. It’s important to purchase these items in advance. It’s essential to plan with the quantity of items you will be transferring to your new home, so you can buy the right amount of packing supplies. Fortunately, finding the right packing products is easy with the help of our Knoxville Movers.

Boxes of Various Sizes

You will need to find boxes of all sizes to accommodate your diverse items. When packing, try to load your smaller boxes with heavier items and your large boxes with lightweight items. This will ease the moving process when carrying the boxes. We suggest filling each box with as much items as you can to reduce the number of boxes you will end up needing. You can most likely find free boxes at your local grocery store which will help you save money in the long run. You also want to invest in box cutters which will immensely help you during the unpacking stage. Consult family or your neighbors first to see if they have this supply for you to borrow.

Packaging Tape

Another major packing product you will need during your move is tape. You want to purchase different kinds of tape such as shipping tape, duct tape, and masking tape to satisfy your packing needs when moving to Knoxville. Masking tape works great for labels, which you will need on every box. Duct tape is used for closing heavier boxes and ensuring the best durability. You can find these products at your local hardware store, or to ease your moving stress, your Knoxville movers can provide all necessary packing products for you.



When moving to Knoxville, you may choose to handle packing up your home yourself, or you can opt to enlist the help of a professional packing service. If you decide to hire a moving company, you want to look for one that will tailor their packing services to meet your timeline and most importantly, your budget. When you create your moving budget, make sure you include all packing service fees that will come up during the process. Follow these tips from our Knoxville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage on how to establish a realistic packing service budget.

Packing Service Fees

The price of a professional packing service is usually determined by the volume of your items, the time it takes to pack them, and the appropriate supplies needed during the process. When you are creating your moving budget, you have to take into consideration that the more items you have, the more money it will cost you to hire a packing service. Some companies charge a fixed hourly rate that includes labor and supplies. Make room for some hidden fees that could turn up during the packing process. Consult your moving company about this before they start packing.

Save Money

You can save money by providing your own packing supplies that the professional packers can use. You can find cheap boxes or even free ones and the remaining packing supplies aren’t too pricey. Make sure to consult your moving company if you wish to go this route, because some quotes already include packing supply fees.


If you’re packing yourself and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, you should follow this packing timeline created by the full service Knoxville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Two Months in Advance

You want to start packing about two months in advance. You can start packing all of the items that you don’t use on a daily basis. These items include: holiday items, off-season clothing, photo albums, and coats. Obviously if it’s still cold outside, don’t pack up your winter coat! Keep the in-season coat that you will most likely wear frequently, with you.

One Month in Advance

One month before, start packing any board games and puzzles, crafts and sewing supplies, fragile items, extra dining sets and non-essential kitchen gadgets. If you play board games or indulge in some crafts on the regular, we can promise you that during these busy few weeks, you won’t have time to use them.

Two Weeks in Advance

About two weeks before you should start packing extra linens, office supplies, random electronics and cords and jewelry and accessories. Keep a towel and change of sheets out for each person in the household and just wash and change them before you move. The only office supplies that are really necessary at this point are some sharpies, pens and sticky notes. These will help keep you organized during the moving process. Most likely, you have a drawer of random electronics and cords that never see the light of day, right? This is your chance to start packing them up!

One Week in Advance

The week before your move, you should pack pantry items, small appliances, important documents, small rugs, clothing, throw pillows and blankets and most dining and silverware. Basically, anything that is decorative, should be packed now. You should pack your important documents in a separate box to ensure that they stay with you and are safe during transportation.

It’s the day before your move and now you should pack up all of your toiletries, bed linens, pet supplies and your first night box of essentials.


This packing timeline should help alleviate any stress during the packing process. Should you choose to forgo packing yourself, you should hire full service Knoxville movers to get the job done for you.


1. Use garbage bags for clothes on hangers

Leave all of your hanging clothes on the hangers, and just slip a garbage bag over them. Don’t forget to label them and you’ll know exactly where each set belongs.

 2. Put cotton balls in your makeup compacts

This is one of the best little-known packing hacks. Open up your makeup compacts and put some cotton balls inside. The cotton balls will act as a cushion so that your compacts don’t break while moving.

3. Color-code your boxes

Knoxville movers suggest that if you use a color-coding system, you’ll have a much better idea of where everything goes on moving day. You can use different colored labels or markers to differentiate rooms from one another.

 4. Use suitcases for the heaviest items

Suitcases have handles and wheels which makes transporting heavy items easier.

 5. Label your boxes on the side

Don’t label your boxes on the top, because you’ll never be able to see where they go or what’s in them if you start stacking boxes.

6. Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug

Before you unplug everything, take a picture of the cords on the back of your television or other electronics so that you will remember where they all go.

 7. Plastic wrap your dresser drawers

If you’re leaving everything inside your drawers, wrap your dresser in plastic wrap to keep everything from coming out!

 8. Cut holes in the sides of boxes

According to the Knoxville movers, you can cut small triangle shaped holes on the sides of the boxes to create handles for easy lifting.

9. Pack all liquids separate

Keep all of your liquids in a separate plastic box, and place a piece of plastic wrap on the opening before putting the top back on.

10. Use Ziploc bags for screws and bolts

Stay organized by keeping all of your screws and bolts in separate Ziploc bags. You can label them so that you know exactly what they belong to.

The Knoxville movers at All My Sons offer full packing services for you and your family. You should consider investing in packing services so that you can spend less time moving and more time with your family this summer and enjoy all that Knoxville has to offer. Your local Knoxville movers have created this guide of things to do in Knoxville this summer just for you!

Knoxville Zoo

With over 900 animals from all over the world, the Knoxville zoo is one of the best attractions! Visitors can enjoy a show at the Forest Theater show, go for a ride on a camel or the carousel, feed a giraffe or cool off on the splash pad. There are also interactive jungle experiences for the kids. This is a great summer activity for the entire family.

Knoxville Museum of Art

The Knoxville Museum of Art is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The building is beautiful in itself, it is covered in Tennessee marble and just recently received a $6 million renovation that includes the Cycle of Life exhibit. This exhibit is the largest figural glass installation in the world. The permanent exhibits at the museum now feature artwork from East Tennessee’s most famous artists.

Clarence Brown Theatre

Get your taste of Broadway at the Clarence Brown Theater, located on UT Knoxville’s campus since 1970. The theater was made possible by theater teacher Dr. Paul Soper and legendary filmmaker Clarence Brown. The theatre thrives on community involvement. It features educational programs and school performances and provides general auditions and volunteer opportunities.

Market Square Farmers’ Market

This farmers’ market is in part of a project called Nourish Knoxville. This program was designed to develop mutually beneficial relationships between the farmers and the community. It was also designed to provide the community with healthy food. Everything that is sold in the market is made, grown or raised by the locals that are selling it. You can grab lunch at the market, enjoy music or load up on groceries here.

Knoxville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage want you to know that you have options when it comes to packing services, and unpacking services in Knoxville. It’s up to you to decide if you want to put all our full service moving add-ons to good use.

The most typical moving situation is that the movers unload all your belongings in an hour or two and they say goodbye. You are then left with the task of unpacking, which is the last thing you want to do at this point. Before you know it, you still have unpacked moving boxes stuffed somewhere. To keep this from happening, you should hire unpacking services.

Knoxville movers suggest using an unpacking service if you can’t get any extra time off work, or if you are relocating for a job and have to start right away, or maybe you are a stay-at-home parent who is extremely stressed out from handling the kids all day and getting them enrolled in a new school. Whatever the situation may be, if you are dreading unpacking or know you will not have enough time to unpack, leave it to the professionals.

Should you choose to opt for unpacking services, you can be assured that you are putting your belongings in good hands. The professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are professional unpackers and professional organizers. You can trust that our team knows the best places to put your belongings in your home for efficiency and organization.

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Moving a flat screen TV can be a difficult task for self-movers and the complications can grow depending on the size, age, and model of the television. Due to the struggles that come with moving a flat screen TV, it is best to leave it to the professionals. All My Sons’ offers professional packing services in Knoxville to help you move even the most fragile or trickiest items to move or pack, including your flat screen TV. Our movers will pack your LCD TV and get it safely transported to your new home.

LCD TV’s can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so damages to your TV during the moving process can be a major setback. If you will be self-moving rather than using packing services in Knoxville, follow these guidelines to safely pack your LCD TV:

Pack your LCD TV in the original box

If you still possess the original manufacturer’s box that your television came in, use it to pack your LCD TV when you move to your new home. The Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) boxes are made of double thick corrugated cardboard stock to absorb bumps and shocks. Purchasing specialty shipping boxes from a Knoxville packing service is also acceptable and sometimes works better.

Reinforce your LCD TV when it’s placed in the box

Use packing tape to reinforce the box seams and wrap the screen with rolls of medium or large bubble wrap. Fill all remaining space between the box and the screen with sheets of packing paper. This will protect your TV from being damaged in the back of the moving van.

Loading it onto the truck

Newer models of big screen TV’s are much lighter than the flat screens of 20 years ago. Still, they are heavy, weighing up to 60 pounds, and will require assistance when moving. Additionally, flat screen LCD TV’s must be moved standing up. When the flat screen is laid on its side, inner hardware and electronics can shift. This can damage the screen and ruin the television permanently.


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There are distinct differences when moving locally and moving across a long distance. Companies that offer professional packing services are fully aware of what needs to be done to make the relocation successful, but are you? Not to worry, because this guide will prep you for your upcoming long distance move to Knoxville.

Check in with your Knoxville movers

Begin by finding out if the Knoxville moving and packing services at All My Sons Moving & Storage will assist you from start to finish, as some moving companies don’t offer full service moving in Knoxville. Also, contact them to find out if they provide packing products with their services or if they at least offer the packing supplies you need for sale. The more questions you ask, the better equipped you’ll be going forward.

Empty your kitchen of its contents

Whether moving locally or out of the area, you should strive to go through your kitchen and get through as many of your perishable items as you can. With the right packing products, you can safely preserve your dairy and meat products, but long distance moving is a bit different. Not only will Knoxville movers not take these items, but if you take them in your own vehicle, you run the risk of having the products spoil over time.

Pack for a single trip

When moving locally, you have the luxury of making more than one trip to complete your move. For a long distance move, this doesn’t necessarily hold true. Long distance moving can mean tacking on an additional thousand miles to your vehicle or moving contract. Plan to have the most efficient move by performing an inventory of what you own, obtain the packing products needed for all your belongings and set aside time to get your items loaded for transport on day one. If you’ve hired Knoxville packing services from All My Sons, you will be covered by moving experts, but if you’re self-moving, proper packing procedures becomes even more crucial to a successful move.

Moving can be expensive. It’s due to this reason that most individuals plan their move for weeks or even months in advance for tasks like obtaining packing products, comparing Knoxville packing services, and seeking any sales they can take advantage of. Some common moving expenses to save money on include:

Packing products

Finding packing products in Knoxville isn’t difficult, however the packing supplies must be of great quality to save on moving stress. Packing products is one area where individuals can find the most savings, mostly due to the free cardboard boxes they can acquire. Grocery stores, book stores, bars and restaurants are all great places to find free cardboard boxes in Knoxville. The shipments that each store receives comes in sturdy boxes that they are anxious to dispose of. To save on packing and moving costs — if your professional packing service doesn’t provide you with packing products already– contact your local Knoxville store and find out if they’re willing to set aside some boxes for your move.

Knoxville moving and packing services

The value of professional movers in Knoxville cannot be understated, as they make moving an efficient and time-saving process. When moving, shop for full service Knoxville movers. Get the best quote from the most experienced and reputable moving company. Find out if they include packing supplies and if they charge by the mile, the weight of the items or the number of hours spent packing, transporting and unpacking. Compare and contrast to find out what offers they may have for you to take advantage of in order to get the most savings on your move.

Unload your inventory

The weight of your belongings during a move can be costly and force you to spend dollars transporting items you don’t use. Before packing anything into a box, sell or donate items that are no longer of use. This includes clothing, toys, linen and all other items that are collecting dust somewhere. Getting rid of those things will cause you to purchase few packing supplies and save on your packing services quote.

When it comes to moving, there are certain items that aren’t so easily transported. Either due to their overall bulk or hazardous nature, packing services professionals like those at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Knoxville have regulations that prevent them from moving specific objects. Additionally, there may be laws that limit the transport of materials across state lines as well. Some of those items include:


People have a tendency to hang onto old paint cans from past redecorating jobs. While it may seem like a good idea to test the leftover paint on your new walls, your Knoxville packing service won’t touch it. Paint, along with other flammable substances, is on the non-transport list for Knoxville moving companies.


Our Knoxville packing service team won’t bother with perishable goods, but not because they are dangerous. People often transport their perishable goods on their own, which is fine, however these items tend to spoil and attract insects during the moving process. There are measures to prevent this for self-movers, which include utilizing the correct packing products. An ice filled Styrofoam cooler can serve as a safe transport method for food, but usually it’s best to dispose of anything that hasn’t been used already.


There’s nothing illegal or dangerous about moving a piano, however pianos are simply large, bulky, heavy objects that require specific handling to be safely transported to a new home. Self-movers won’t be able to go to a local store to find packing products designed to box and wrap a piano. It’s best to utilize the experts from a Knoxville moving and packing service. Not only will they have the manpower and resources to lift it safely, but they will have the experience and training needed to handle the unforeseen circumstances that comes with moving.


You can depend on All My Sons’ Knoxville packing company to take the stress out of your move -from start to finish.