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Do Friends Slow the Moving Process? Knoxville Movers

The time has come to pack up all 5,000 of your belongings and move to a new location. Seems like a horribly long and stressful process, so you call on your good friends for help… right? Sure, you can ask your friends to help you move, with the off chance that none of them have to work, are going out of town, have a hurt back, have to watch their kids, or don’t have access to a truck. The fact is this: your friends don’t want to help you move. Nobody wants to spend their day off going through all your old stuff, cramming it into bags and boxes, loading everything up into cars and trucks, then unloading it in your new place. It’s time consuming, it’s taxing, it’s no fun.

If you do get your friends to help you move, it may take days or even weeks to complete the process, which could put you in a serious time crunch to meet the terms of your lease, or get to your new location in time.

That’s why All My Sons Moving & Storage is dedicated to helping people in your situation. We are your trusted Knoxville movers. Our team will pack literally everything in your home in a quick and strategic way, safely transport your items, unload them, and even unpack the boxes in your new home. (Will your friends do that?)

For a fast, safe, and easy process, you can turn to All My Sons for help with your move. Our moving company has locations all over the United States, with moving coordinators ready to help you. Call today.



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