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Is Your Home Protected?

Have you ever had a break-and-entry happen to your home? The thought of a possible burglary is a horrific thought for any homeowner, but it is still an area of concern which often suffers neglect; “it could never happen to me” tends to be the flawed type of thinking which enables burglars to literally make out like bandits. If you have ever been the victim of a break-in, you know too well what you could have done to avoid the nightmare. However; if you have not yet experienced the nightmare that is being burglarized, don’t underestimate the importance of burglar deterrence in your home!

To know what actions you should take to avoid a break-in, you must think like a burglar! And since burglaries tend to happen when you are away from your home, you should first think about what makes your house look vulnerable to crooks. Burglars look for signs of an empty house such as: multiple newspapers on your doorstep, extended periods of darkness inside your home, empty driveways, etc. Some burglars even go as far as putting a bogus flyer on your front door as a helpful indicator. Going on vacation soon? Make sure that you have a trusty friend or neighbor who will collect all papers and mail while you are away! You can make the inside of your home look lively while you are away with the help of some cleverly placed electric timers; set your lamps and televisions up on timers so that passers-by are unable to notice your absence.

Being prepared for the worst case scenario is the best preparation practice for anything. So use this method to build your home’s break-in defenses up considerably! For example: any crook knows that people tend to hide valuables in dresser drawers or in fire proof safes… A dresser drawer is not a secure place at all, and fire proof safes are really only effective if you are able to bolt them to the ground. Keeping your valuables such as jewelry and cash in a safe is a smart idea, but opting to hide your valuables in an unexpected area is even smarter (in the kids room, up in the attic, even in the freezer!). Pick the most unobvious hiding places and you’re one step closer to complete break-in security.

Crooks that want to break into your home don’t stand out in a crowd! You would be shocked to learn just how “professional” burglars can be. You may even be providing hands-on training to a crook that introduces himself as the plumber or the cable guy just by letting him into your home; trust nobody! Pay attention to unknown guests in your house, just because he works for the city or for a pest control company doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a “second job!”

If you’re looking to move soon, start protecting your assets now and research crime statistics in your prospective neighborhoods. Homeowners insurance probably isn’t a bad idea either! Break-ins happen, if your home’s security is compromised, being prepared from the get-go can be the difference between a close call and an absolute nightmare.

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