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Moving a flat screen TV can be a difficult task for self-movers and the complications can grow depending on the size, age, and model of the television. Due to the struggles that come with moving a flat screen TV, it is best to leave it to the professionals. All My Sons’ offers professional packing services in Knoxville to help you move even the most fragile or trickiest items to move or pack, including your flat screen TV. Our movers will pack your LCD TV and get it safely transported to your new home.

LCD TV’s can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so damages to your TV during the moving process can be a major setback. If you will be self-moving rather than using packing services in Knoxville, follow these guidelines to safely pack your LCD TV:

Pack your LCD TV in the original box

If you still possess the original manufacturer’s box that your television came in, use it to pack your LCD TV when you move to your new home. The Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) boxes are made of double thick corrugated cardboard stock to absorb bumps and shocks. Purchasing specialty shipping boxes from a Knoxville packing service is also acceptable and sometimes works better.

Reinforce your LCD TV when it’s placed in the box

Use packing tape to reinforce the box seams and wrap the screen with rolls of medium or large bubble wrap. Fill all remaining space between the box and the screen with sheets of packing paper. This will protect your TV from being damaged in the back of the moving van.

Loading it onto the truck

Newer models of big screen TV’s are much lighter than the flat screens of 20 years ago. Still, they are heavy, weighing up to 60 pounds, and will require assistance when moving. Additionally, flat screen LCD TV’s must be moved standing up. When the flat screen is laid on its side, inner hardware and electronics can shift. This can damage the screen and ruin the television permanently.


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There are distinct differences when moving locally and moving across a long distance. Companies that offer professional packing services are fully aware of what needs to be done to make the relocation successful, but are you? Not to worry, because this guide will prep you for your upcoming long distance move to Knoxville.

Check in with your Knoxville movers

Begin by finding out if the Knoxville moving and packing services at All My Sons Moving & Storage will assist you from start to finish, as some moving companies don’t offer full service moving in Knoxville. Also, contact them to find out if they provide packing products with their services or if they at least offer the packing supplies you need for sale. The more questions you ask, the better equipped you’ll be going forward.

Empty your kitchen of its contents

Whether moving locally or out of the area, you should strive to go through your kitchen and get through as many of your perishable items as you can. With the right packing products, you can safely preserve your dairy and meat products, but long distance moving is a bit different. Not only will Knoxville movers not take these items, but if you take them in your own vehicle, you run the risk of having the products spoil over time.

Pack for a single trip

When moving locally, you have the luxury of making more than one trip to complete your move. For a long distance move, this doesn’t necessarily hold true. Long distance moving can mean tacking on an additional thousand miles to your vehicle or moving contract. Plan to have the most efficient move by performing an inventory of what you own, obtain the packing products needed for all your belongings and set aside time to get your items loaded for transport on day one. If you’ve hired Knoxville packing services from All My Sons, you will be covered by moving experts, but if you’re self-moving, proper packing procedures becomes even more crucial to a successful move.

Moving can be expensive. It’s due to this reason that most individuals plan their move for weeks or even months in advance for tasks like obtaining packing products, comparing Knoxville packing services, and seeking any sales they can take advantage of. Some common moving expenses to save money on include:

Packing products

Finding packing products in Knoxville isn’t difficult, however the packing supplies must be of great quality to save on moving stress. Packing products is one area where individuals can find the most savings, mostly due to the free cardboard boxes they can acquire. Grocery stores, book stores, bars and restaurants are all great places to find free cardboard boxes in Knoxville. The shipments that each store receives comes in sturdy boxes that they are anxious to dispose of. To save on packing and moving costs — if your professional packing service doesn’t provide you with packing products already– contact your local Knoxville store and find out if they’re willing to set aside some boxes for your move.

Knoxville moving and packing services

The value of professional movers in Knoxville cannot be understated, as they make moving an efficient and time-saving process. When moving, shop for full service Knoxville movers. Get the best quote from the most experienced and reputable moving company. Find out if they include packing supplies and if they charge by the mile, the weight of the items or the number of hours spent packing, transporting and unpacking. Compare and contrast to find out what offers they may have for you to take advantage of in order to get the most savings on your move.

Unload your inventory

The weight of your belongings during a move can be costly and force you to spend dollars transporting items you don’t use. Before packing anything into a box, sell or donate items that are no longer of use. This includes clothing, toys, linen and all other items that are collecting dust somewhere. Getting rid of those things will cause you to purchase few packing supplies and save on your packing services quote.

When it comes to moving, there are certain items that aren’t so easily transported. Either due to their overall bulk or hazardous nature, packing services professionals like those at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Knoxville have regulations that prevent them from moving specific objects. Additionally, there may be laws that limit the transport of materials across state lines as well. Some of those items include:


People have a tendency to hang onto old paint cans from past redecorating jobs. While it may seem like a good idea to test the leftover paint on your new walls, your Knoxville packing service won’t touch it. Paint, along with other flammable substances, is on the non-transport list for Knoxville moving companies.


Our Knoxville packing service team won’t bother with perishable goods, but not because they are dangerous. People often transport their perishable goods on their own, which is fine, however these items tend to spoil and attract insects during the moving process. There are measures to prevent this for self-movers, which include utilizing the correct packing products. An ice filled Styrofoam cooler can serve as a safe transport method for food, but usually it’s best to dispose of anything that hasn’t been used already.


There’s nothing illegal or dangerous about moving a piano, however pianos are simply large, bulky, heavy objects that require specific handling to be safely transported to a new home. Self-movers won’t be able to go to a local store to find packing products designed to box and wrap a piano. It’s best to utilize the experts from a Knoxville moving and packing service. Not only will they have the manpower and resources to lift it safely, but they will have the experience and training needed to handle the unforeseen circumstances that comes with moving.


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When preparing for a move, one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks you have to deal with is packing. Filled with frustration and a thing that will certainly stress you out, packing is one of the most challenging parts of the moving process. While hiring a packing company in Knoxville will resolve you of all the stress, you may want to declutter to keep costs down and efficient for your budget. All My Sons of Knoxville shares tips for decluttering before you begin packing your belongings for your move.

1. Get your Decluttering Supplies Ready

Similar to packing, you’ll need a few supplies when decluttering. Make sure that you have a few garbage bags and a permanent marker for labeling. Have a few cardboard boxes ready as well.

2. Declutter Your Rooms One-by-One

It does not make sense to go through each room sporadically. Make decluttering simple by going room by room. The easiest rooms to declutter are the bathroom, so start with those first.

3. Take Photos

Make sure that you take photos of all your belongings. Especially if you are going to donate or trash some of them, make sure to take photos of the items you hold sentimental value in.

4. Keep a Positive Attitude!

As a top packing company in Knoxville, All My Sons wants you to keep in mind to not hold onto nostalgia. Instead, keep thinking about all the positives that will come with your move and getting rid of the items you really don’t use.

If you are planning on moving to Knoxville this spring, you are in luck! Spring is one of the best seasons to move since the prime moving season is summer. While you are in the midst of moving, local Knoxville movers offer some spring cleaning tips to read before moving, to make the moving process simpler and more efficient.

Step 1: Vacuum.

It should be obvious that the first thing you should do is vacuum your floor before you move out of your home.

Step 2: Wipe the Walls and the Ceilings

Once you are done with the floor, make sure to wipe the walls and the ceilings as well. This will help get any lingering smells out before you leave your home vacant, or if you are just moving into a new home.

Step 3: Wash All your Rugs

Rugs can be used as extra cushion during the moving process. Once you arrive at your new home, it is best to take this extra spring cleaning tip to wash your rugs after moving.

Step 4: Clean Your Windows and Wash your Drapes

Make sure that all of your windows are clean and don’t forget to wash your drapes. A helpful spring cleaning tip would be to clean your windows with an old newspaper and vinegar.

Step 5: Clean Your Kitchen

If you are moving to Knoxville and moving into a brand new home, you may not need to clean the kitchen. But if the home had previous owners, it is a spring cleaning best practice to clean all cabinets before placing your belongings in them.

Step 6: Clean the Living Room

Finally, make sure to clean your living room. To do that, make sure that you wipe all of your lightbulbs and that you dust your electronics. If you have a fireplace, make sure to sweep it out. Also, don’t forget to clean your carpets as well.

Ah, it’s almost summer! And what better season to go on a vacation than summer? Whether you are planning to go on a nice mountainside resort or you simply want to dip your toes into the ocean, the summer is the time to have fun, especially if you just moved to Knoxville!

If you recently moved to Knoxville and are going on vacation this summer, make sure that you take the necessary measures to keep your home safe during summer vacation. All My Sons of Knoxville shares the following tips for keeping your home and your family safe during your trip.

1.) Tell a Friend to Mow Your Lawn

Especially if you are going to be away for a longer period of time, if you don’t want the security of your home to always be on your worrying mind, tell a friend to mow your lawn as regularly as you do. Also, make sure to keep the blinds open, if you usually do. This will create the illusion that you are still in your house.

2.) Don’t Share Everything on Social Media

You might want to avoid sharing your vacation experiences on social media, while you are away. Today’s thieves use every trick technology provides them with and they often check social media to see who’s home and who isn’t. You can share those photos once you are back, what’s the hurry?

3.) Ask a Close Friend to Keep Eyes on Things

If there’s someone you trust, Knoxville movers suggest that you tell them to keep an eye on your things, especially if you have just moved to Knoxville and still have packed boxes in your home. Make sure to leave a spare key with them and ask them to check in on your home to see whether everything’s fine on a regular basis while you’re away.

When checking out different packing products, you might come across a variety of different moving boxes. While you might quickly disregard this fact and order up some medium sized boxes and use them for everything, knowing what each box is for is essential for proper packing. With that in mind, All My Sons Moving & Storage’s packing experts have a quick guide to moving boxes and how to use them the right way.

- Small Boxes

The small sized boxes are often called “book boxes” as they are primarily used for the smallest of items. In them, you should put all of your canned goods, books and small electronics. They are also great for packing baby items, toys and other items of similar size.

- Medium Boxes

The regular-sized boxes we are all familiar with. Medium boxes should be used primarily for clothing and shoes. However, you can also use them to put your kitchenware in, as well as any computer towers and lamp shades you might have.

- Large Boxes

These are the best moving boxes for medium appliances and other large household items. In them, you can also put your linens, sleeping bags, camping gear, lamps, and anything of larger sizes in your home.

– Fine China Boxes

Also known as dish pack boxes, these boxes are specially designed to keep your fragile items intact. One of the best packing products investments you can make, the double walled fine china boxes should be used for your glass and fragile items, such as small breakables, dishes and fine china, ornaments, porcelain keepsakes, wine glasses and more.

- Picture Boxes

Adjustable in size, these boxes are used for any framed items in your home, such as pictures, paintings and mirrors, and possibly small TVs.

Researchers confirm what Knoxville movers have known for a long time; Knoxville is one of, if not the best place to retire early in the entire nation. In fact, Knoxville TN ranks as the number one city for early retirement.

What makes Knoxville the best place to retire early? Researchers have taken into account a number of important factors and as a result, created this list:

Cost of Living: 98 – Retirees survive on savings, investments and sometimes part-time work to make ends meet. Therefore, a low cost of living is vital to their continued survival and success. The Knoxville cost of living is 2 points below the national average. Save money by hiring affordable Knoxville movers and retiring in our great city!

Quality of life: 41 – Though the quality of life in Knoxville is lower than the national average, it does not have as big an impact as the cost of living. As a result, it did not affect its spot as the best place to retire early.

Weather: 90 – Climate is important to retirees and Knoxville scores high on the weather satisfaction chart.

Amenities: 95 – Knoxville wouldn’t be the best place to retire early if there were no culture or entertainment in the area. Knoxville scored high on amenities and activities for the 50+ age group.

Median home price: $118,300 – With such a low average home price, it’s shocking that more people aren’t contacting Knoxville movers to come and retire here sooner.

Researcher also found that the southern part of the United States ranks as the best place to retire early as a whole. The region scored high on cost of living and median home price. If you’re looking for an early retirement, start looking towards the south!

Chances are that if you’re moving to Oak ridge TN, you know how perfect the weather is, and spring time is one of the best months of the year! Rather than spending the season indoors, here are some spring time hobbies that you can take up to get you out of the house and into something new and exciting! Check out the All My Sons Oak Ridge movers list of the top 3 spring time hobbies to get involved in:


Don’t worry about having fancy equipment or training. Any good photographer will tell you that it’s not the equipment, but the moment that counts. With that being said, most modern cell phones have cameras that are perfectly fine for amateurs. Catalogue everything after moving to Oak Ridge TN and post it on social media to let everyone back home know how great Tennessee is!

Hiking or Bike Riding

Did someone say Smokey Mountains? Hiking and bike riding are a rite of passage as much as they are spring time hobbies. After moving to Oak Ridge TN, you’re going to have to grab a pair of running shoes and get hiking. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the fantastic scenery, because this is your new home!


No other spring time hobbies will ever be as rewarding as growing something yourself. Use this perfect weather to learn about and get in touch with your environment. You can grow a beautiful flower garden or you can be practical and grow spices, fruits and vegetables. Nothing is stopping you!

You’re moving to Oak Ridge TN at the perfect time! Take advantage of this spring time weather and get outside! We’ll see you soon!