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Summer is always the busiest time of year when it comes to moving. It’s slow season for a lot of businesses, kids are out of school, and houses are selling fast. The only downside to this busy season for moving is that it falls on the hottest time of year. If you’re considering moving to or from the Knoxville area, save yourself the hassle by hiring full packing services in Knoxville.

Why use our services?

You don’t have to bear the sweltering heat.

Moving takes a lot of energy, and when you add the Knoxville summer heat the job becomes much harder. Instead of running the risk of dehydration and discomfort, use our full-service packers and movers – we’ll do everything for you. We’ll arrive at your house and packing then move all your belongings in no time, while you spend your hot summer day relaxing and cooling off by the pool.

Give your family the summer break they deserve.

Your kids have worked hard through the school year, don’t burden them with the endless tasks associated with a move. Let the family enjoy their summer break instead of turning these greatly anticipated months into constant work. Using full service movers in Knoxville means you get to spend more time relaxing, playing outside, taking day trips, or sleeping in.

Moving during the summer can present unique challenges, but using a reputable company can help you avoid the trouble. Many people use moving services in the summer months to ease the stress of their move, so make sure you plan and call the Knoxville moving coordinators at All My Sons Moving & Storage.



The time has come to pack up all 5,000 of your belongings and move to a new location. Seems like a horribly long and stressful process, so you call on your good friends for help… right? Sure, you can ask your friends to help you move, with the off chance that none of them have to work, are going out of town, have a hurt back, have to watch their kids, or don’t have access to a truck. The fact is this: your friends don’t want to help you move. Nobody wants to spend their day off going through all your old stuff, cramming it into bags and boxes, loading everything up into cars and trucks, then unloading it in your new place. It’s time consuming, it’s taxing, it’s no fun.

If you do get your friends to help you move, it may take days or even weeks to complete the process, which could put you in a serious time crunch to meet the terms of your lease, or get to your new location in time.

That’s why All My Sons Moving & Storage is dedicated to helping people in your situation. We are your trusted Knoxville movers. Our team will pack literally everything in your home in a quick and strategic way, safely transport your items, unload them, and even unpack the boxes in your new home. (Will your friends do that?)

For a fast, safe, and easy process, you can turn to All My Sons for help with your move. Our moving company has locations all over the United States, with moving coordinators ready to help you. Call today.



When it comes to packing for a move, there’s no room in the house that presents as much of a challenge as the kitchen. Often left as the last room most people get to, the kitchen is home to hundreds of oddly shaped items, like utensils, pitchers, blenders, cups, and pans. Given the shape of these items, most people aren’t sure of the best method for packing them up for a safe and easy transport.

Step 1: Clean the appliance. This way, everything you unpack will already be clean and ready to use.

Step 2: Dissemble the appliance. Remove items that are not sealed into place, like the glass tray in the bottom of the microwave.

Step 3: Write down instructions. If there are instructions for reassembling any of your appliances make sure you write it down for easy reassembly in your new kitchen.

Step 4: Choose a box that is close in size to the appliance itself. Our Knoxville appliance movers do not recommend placing multiple appliances in the same box, as they could break or scratch.

Step 5: Padding. Use padding, towels, packing papers, or packing peanuts to create a protective layer for each item. If you do choose the box multiple appliances in one, we suggest using plenty of towels or other padding to stop these items from bumping or scratching each other.

Step 6: Secure your boxes. Given the weight of most kitchen appliances, make sure you secure your boxes with extra tape to avoid breaking.

For the heavy stuff like refrigerators, call our Knoxville appliance movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage. No move is too big or too small for us.



Moving out for the first time is sure to cause a mix of emotions, from joy and excitement to worry and anxiety. You’re likely wondering “where do I start?” or “what do I need?”. Not to worry – the Knoxville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have you covered. Here are the packing supplies you need as a first-time mover:

Boxes – this seems like the most obvious supply; however, most people tend to underestimate just how many boxes they will need during a move. Make sure your boxes range in size, and fill the smaller ones with heavier items, and the bigger boxes with lighter items.

Trash bags – If you’re not throwing away some items during you’re move, you’re doing it wrong. One of the most essential parts of a move is decluttering and getting rid of all that extra junk you have lying around. Fill up those bags and make your move easier!

Markers or labels – Label every box and bag. When you go to unpack you’ll know exactly which box should go where, and what’s in the box. This will make unpacking a breeze.

Packing paper – Special packing paper is helpful for protecting fragile items like glassware.


Of course, you could skip all the stress and just hire professional Knoxville packing services. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers full-service or partial packing options to make your move as easy as possible. We provide all the supplies, and we pack everything for you. Call us for moving help.



Congratulations, you officially completed the move into your new home in Knoxville! Now it’s time to unpack all your belongings and turn your house into a home. This process can seem tiring and unpleasant, especially after what you went through during the packing phase, however there are lots of tips you can follow to ensure an efficient unpacking process. Our Knoxville Movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help guide your unpacking efforts so you can quickly start to enjoy your new home.

Prioritize your Tasks

When you start to unpack, you want to prioritize by opening the most important boxes that you will need access to right away. Take it one box at a time, you don’t need to have every box open at once. This will only cause chaos and clutter in your home. Moving to Knoxville can mean cold winter weather, however if you make your move during the summertime those boxes will have low priority and can be opened last.

Delegate Responsibilities to the entire Family

By getting everyone in your household involved in the unpacking process, you will increase efficiency and start to see quick results. Your kids should take responsibility for unpacking their personal boxes and you can assign them other boxes once they are finished tackling the important tasks. Unpacking is a family activity and it was not meant to be handled by just one person. Delegate certain rooms in your house to your family members to work on. Ultimately, you can make the unpacking process fun and enjoyable with a positive attitude and an up-beat playlist.


There are many factors that go into a move, and you have the option to move by yourself or to hire a professional moving company that will handle the entire process. Making this choice can seem overwhelming, however you should choose the option that fits your needs, budgets, and timelines the best. There are benefits for each route when moving to Knoxville. Our Knoxville Movers give you the pros and cons to each option in hopes of making your decision a lot easier.


By moving yourself, you are ensuring total control throughout the whole process and you have the power of deciding exactly how you want your items packaged and transported. If you are on a tight moving budget, this might be the best route for you in that you will save some money. The expenses from a moving company can quickly add up beyond your expectations. The cons to this option include the actual transportation of your heavy items as well as the in-depth planning that is required. You will need to dedicate a lot of time aside which can affect your work schedule. Many people will agree that this option creates a lot of stress, however it may fit your needs the best.

Knoxville Professional Packers

A lot of people wish to hire a Knoxville moving company so that they won’t have to lift a finger during the process. This is a huge benefit for this option and you can leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals. Moving companies will also provide an efficient move since they tend to know what they are doing. Of course, the cost of hiring a professional moving service should be considered, but the amount of money, time, and stress saved is well worth every dollar. All My Sons Moving & Storage has a team of professional moving coordinators that can design a moving plan that works for your budget. Call us today.




If you are relocating your family to Knoxville, you want to have the proper packing supplies ready to go for your big move. You can find packing products that don’t break the bank. It’s important to purchase these items in advance. It’s essential to plan with the quantity of items you will be transferring to your new home, so you can buy the right amount of packing supplies. Fortunately, finding the right packing products is easy with the help of our Knoxville Movers.

Boxes of Various Sizes

You will need to find boxes of all sizes to accommodate your diverse items. When packing, try to load your smaller boxes with heavier items and your large boxes with lightweight items. This will ease the moving process when carrying the boxes. We suggest filling each box with as much items as you can to reduce the number of boxes you will end up needing. You can most likely find free boxes at your local grocery store which will help you save money in the long run. You also want to invest in box cutters which will immensely help you during the unpacking stage. Consult family or your neighbors first to see if they have this supply for you to borrow.

Packaging Tape

Another major packing product you will need during your move is tape. You want to purchase different kinds of tape such as shipping tape, duct tape, and masking tape to satisfy your packing needs when moving to Knoxville. Masking tape works great for labels, which you will need on every box. Duct tape is used for closing heavier boxes and ensuring the best durability. You can find these products at your local hardware store, or to ease your moving stress, your Knoxville movers can provide all necessary packing products for you.



When moving to Knoxville, you may choose to handle packing up your home yourself, or you can opt to enlist the help of a professional packing service. If you decide to hire a moving company, you want to look for one that will tailor their packing services to meet your timeline and most importantly, your budget. When you create your moving budget, make sure you include all packing service fees that will come up during the process. Follow these tips from our Knoxville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage on how to establish a realistic packing service budget.

Packing Service Fees

The price of a professional packing service is usually determined by the volume of your items, the time it takes to pack them, and the appropriate supplies needed during the process. When you are creating your moving budget, you have to take into consideration that the more items you have, the more money it will cost you to hire a packing service. Some companies charge a fixed hourly rate that includes labor and supplies. Make room for some hidden fees that could turn up during the packing process. Consult your moving company about this before they start packing.

Save Money

You can save money by providing your own packing supplies that the professional packers can use. You can find cheap boxes or even free ones and the remaining packing supplies aren’t too pricey. Make sure to consult your moving company if you wish to go this route, because some quotes already include packing supply fees.


If you’re packing yourself and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, you should follow this packing timeline created by the full service Knoxville movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Two Months in Advance

You want to start packing about two months in advance. You can start packing all of the items that you don’t use on a daily basis. These items include: holiday items, off-season clothing, photo albums, and coats. Obviously if it’s still cold outside, don’t pack up your winter coat! Keep the in-season coat that you will most likely wear frequently, with you.

One Month in Advance

One month before, start packing any board games and puzzles, crafts and sewing supplies, fragile items, extra dining sets and non-essential kitchen gadgets. If you play board games or indulge in some crafts on the regular, we can promise you that during these busy few weeks, you won’t have time to use them.

Two Weeks in Advance

About two weeks before you should start packing extra linens, office supplies, random electronics and cords and jewelry and accessories. Keep a towel and change of sheets out for each person in the household and just wash and change them before you move. The only office supplies that are really necessary at this point are some sharpies, pens and sticky notes. These will help keep you organized during the moving process. Most likely, you have a drawer of random electronics and cords that never see the light of day, right? This is your chance to start packing them up!

One Week in Advance

The week before your move, you should pack pantry items, small appliances, important documents, small rugs, clothing, throw pillows and blankets and most dining and silverware. Basically, anything that is decorative, should be packed now. You should pack your important documents in a separate box to ensure that they stay with you and are safe during transportation.

It’s the day before your move and now you should pack up all of your toiletries, bed linens, pet supplies and your first night box of essentials.


This packing timeline should help alleviate any stress during the packing process. Should you choose to forgo packing yourself, you should hire full service Knoxville movers to get the job done for you.


1. Use garbage bags for clothes on hangers

Leave all of your hanging clothes on the hangers, and just slip a garbage bag over them. Don’t forget to label them and you’ll know exactly where each set belongs.

 2. Put cotton balls in your makeup compacts

This is one of the best little-known packing hacks. Open up your makeup compacts and put some cotton balls inside. The cotton balls will act as a cushion so that your compacts don’t break while moving.

3. Color-code your boxes

Knoxville movers suggest that if you use a color-coding system, you’ll have a much better idea of where everything goes on moving day. You can use different colored labels or markers to differentiate rooms from one another.

 4. Use suitcases for the heaviest items

Suitcases have handles and wheels which makes transporting heavy items easier.

 5. Label your boxes on the side

Don’t label your boxes on the top, because you’ll never be able to see where they go or what’s in them if you start stacking boxes.

6. Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug

Before you unplug everything, take a picture of the cords on the back of your television or other electronics so that you will remember where they all go.

 7. Plastic wrap your dresser drawers

If you’re leaving everything inside your drawers, wrap your dresser in plastic wrap to keep everything from coming out!

 8. Cut holes in the sides of boxes

According to the Knoxville movers, you can cut small triangle shaped holes on the sides of the boxes to create handles for easy lifting.

9. Pack all liquids separate

Keep all of your liquids in a separate plastic box, and place a piece of plastic wrap on the opening before putting the top back on.

10. Use Ziploc bags for screws and bolts

Stay organized by keeping all of your screws and bolts in separate Ziploc bags. You can label them so that you know exactly what they belong to.